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Tips for Litter Box Training Your Stubborn Cat


Persian Cat sniffing litter box

In order to properly litter train your stubborn cat you will need to buy an appropriate size litter box. You don’t want a litterbox seven feet long for a kitten and you can’t make a fat cat squeeze into a litter box the size of a kleenex box. You also need to put more than one inch of litter in the box of the box. This litter is intended to cover all of the feces in the litter box. Put at least five inches of litter in the bottom of the litter box. Also make sure that you cat can get in and out of the litter box. Some of them have ramps which are easier to climb into. This is perfect for young cats and old cats too.

Another thing to remember is you need to place this litter box in an area which is away from loud items like toasters, dishwashers and furnaces. Imagine your new cat is just about to go to the bathroom and your furnace kicks on. The cat will most likely never enter the litter box ever again. Also keep other pets away from the litter box. You don’t want the dog going into the litter box and eating the litter which might cause a blockage. Also keep small children away from the litter box because kids love to play in the “sand”.

Place your cat in the litter box when it’s not playing or it will make a huge mess. Let the cat scratch around the litter box. When your cat goes to the bathroom you should give your cat praise and give him or her a treat as well. If the cat doesn’t go to the bathroom in the litter box, pick up the feces and place them in the litterbox. This will show your cat where they belong. Do this each time that the cat goes to the bathroom. Then pick up the cat and show him that the feces belong in the litter box. Once the cats uses the litter box you will give him or her praise.

Dont let your cat be afraid of the litter box. Don’t put items by the litter box that will scare the cat away like figurines or vacuum cleaners. If your cat gets stressed out they will claw at your cat scratcher. Do not start yelling at your cat by the litter box of they might associate that with going to the bathroom. Always be very nice around the litter box area. It will probably take a few weeks until your cat will use the litter box every time. Do not get upset if the cat makes an accident somewhere in the house. The key to training a stubborn cat is progression and patience.